Greece is now in Paris

The eighth arrondissement of the City of Light, in the very center of the Golden Triangle, is where the Greek restaurant Anna has dropped anchor. A kaleidoscope of colorful images comes to mind when we think of Greece: travel memories, the blazing sun, the breathtaking combination of deep blue and brilliant white, olives from the Kalamáta region, the smell of freshly baked pita bread as it’s pulled from the oven. Anna is all these things and more, in one place.

At Anna, Greek culinary classics share menu space with beloved recipes given a new twist by Chef Yiannis Kioroglou. Deliciously sun-drenched dishes meant to be shared in this atmosphere of Grecian hospitality, with a tailor-made musical backdrop combining Greek harmonies and trendy tunes.

The two talented women at the helm of Madrid’s Cousi Interiorismo architectural firm found a way to instantly generate the feeling of Greece without stooping to clichés. They designed an interior that exudes welcome with every detail, yet remains utterly unexpected. The fabric covering the ceiling is clearly of Mediterranean inspiration, the terrazzo floor is reminiscent of beach pebbles, the plaster wall sconces have the look of traditional Greece craftsmanship. Anna is a subtle blend of Greek authenticity and contemporary sophistication.

Food for sharing

Grilled fish, tzatziki me pita, hummus – Chef Yiannis Kioroglou has created a light, sunny menu peppered with nods to his Greek homeland. His celebrated cuisine is light and meant to be shared, a rainbow of flavorful recipes rendered more thrilling still by his use of varying cooking techniques: oven, coals, grill. Things you should absolutely try include the grilled octopus – xtapodi sti sxara –, the venerable moussaka, and the unforgettable old-style Greek salad, Choriatiki Salata.

He is partner and Executive Chef at Anna, coming to us from Athens, staying true to the cuisine of his roots despite his countless culinary escapades to the four corners of Europe, from the French Riviera to Italy’s Naples and Tuscany. These journeys have only led him to love Mediterranean cuisine more fiercely and he expresses that passion in a dining experience of bounty and togetherness, enhanced with his own uniquely creative and innovative concepts.
At Anna, he rekindles the spirit of the warm, boisterous summer meals of his childhood, when one family-style dish was followed by another, then another.

Yamas !

This one word says it all. Because all the energetic friendliness of Greece is experienced at the bar, too, with its refined, rounded design. A place to laugh, to propose a toast. A place to drink a delightful ouzo cocktail before dinner, a place to linger after a meal. To meet and be with friends. To make new friends.

A unique experience

Anna sweeps you into the beating heart of Greece, a journey for the imagination and the appetite. Every one of your senses reawakens and rejoices in this vibrant atmosphere, be it at an authentically Grecian lunch, on the terrace sipping an aperitif while nibbling on mezedes, or at a leisurely dinner that stretches late into the night. Whatever the occasion, you are in Greece…in the heart of Paris.

Restaurant Anna

14 rue Marbeuf, Paris 8
T. +33 (0)1 45 51 74 14

Open for lunch from Monday to Sunday / 12:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Open for dinner from Monday to Thursday / 7:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.
& Friday to Sunday/ 7:30 p.m. – 00:00 a.m.